Get Started with Xero

Get Started with Xero

Ready to make the switch to Xero?

Take our FREE 7-day email course to gain a better understanding of the software. This free crash course will walk you through everything you need to get started and feel comfortable using Xero.

Xero Course Step1Sign-up with your email address

That’s all we need. Once you sign up, you will begin receiving a series of emails with easy-to-learn video descriptions of Xero’s tools and functionality.


Xero Course Step2Receive a daily informative email for 7 days

A new email will arrive in your inbox each day to teach you to use Xero effectively.

Topics covered will include:

  • Understand the Xero Dashboard
  • Attach Files in Xero
  • Connect bank accounts with Xero
  • Create Quotes in Xero
  • Invoice Customers in Xero
  • Pay Suppliers in Xero
  • Manage Expenses in Xero
  • Need more help with Xero?


Xero Course Step3Master Xero in only a few minutes a day over a week!

Hooray! After only 7 days of emails, you’ll get a grasp of the Xero interface and feel more confident in using Xero for your daily business and cash flow needs. Our cloud coaches can work with you going forward for any further questions and what the data in your Xero dashboards means for your business.

Sign up now and we’ll get you up to speed with Xero!

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